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Agate Code Technology Corp. Is a manufacturing factory at Taiwan. Specializing in the making of optical fiber polishing machines and relates tools. Our team also has vast experience in the design and manufacturing of precision-made machines, therefore, we are able to offer our valued clients in the optical fiber industry with products of great DESIGN, RELIABILITY and VALUE to suit their needs.
The arrival of the broad band age has meant the market's demand for quality optical fiber patch cords has soared, However, this did not translate into price reduction in related products and services. One reason being many businesses involved in this industry have been unable to lower production cost and make appropriate price adjustment to improve their competitiveness.
As we know, the preparation of each optical fiber's end is critical to performance, so in order to work with such a tiny and delicate surface, one not only needs the skills and knowledge but also equipment capable of handling such task. And for patch cord manufactures, it is also important to be able to offer shortened lead time and increased production volume to their customers.
Agate Code Technology Corp. Understands the needs of our patch cord making clients. We have the ability to offer products and services to meet their pecialised demand by lowering their setup cost, increase production efficiency, raise product quality and market expectation. Together we can move ahead of the rest and create a win-win situation for everyone.
Our team have over 30 years experience in fiber polishing and the fiber optic cable business. We have in house tooling capability for custom jigs or special fixtures requirements. Browse our Web site for more information about Agatefiber. If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Agatefiber representative please.
We follow ISO 9000 rule to execute our working procedure and we request all our product must apply with ROSH testing. We always welcome our respected customers own design to make unique products to satisfy their need, and keep that product design very confidentional.



Connector Styles

OEM Case

We co-operated with customer to do OEM case. Customer will show us how the function and specification they need. Like how 3D parameters they hope to match. We will keep to contact with our customers to understand how our service is going