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Four Conner Polish MachineMODEL NO. :  ACT-2004A

 Model: ACT-2004A

Place of Origin: Taiwan

Key Features and Description:

1, Compatibility of equipment at the design stage of development has taken full account of the domestic enterprises to use the status of equipment, the consumables (abrasive film), Jig & Fixture used currently the most widely used 127mm and corner positioning, compression work. Fixture can be with other manufacturers equipment exchange, and do not make any adjustments.

2, Applies to a wide range of equipment, small size, with no need of any external equipment, an area of less stable production. As long as necessary in accordance with the replacement of fixtures, it can produce different types of connectors, suitable for production and scientific research trial orders. The machine can be produced there is the connector type: FC / PC FC / APC SC / PC SC / APC ST / PC ST / APC LC / MU MT-RJ MPO MPX MTP BD. Special circumstances, can be customized according to user's request special connector fixture. This equipment can be used not only the production of ceramic-core connector, the same can be used for energy-coupled fiber-optic connector head and production.

3, Operation simple, convenient to simplify production processes, improve work efficiency. Fixture cleaning, replacement of convenient and quick.

4, Equipment maintenance equipment in the use of easy just to avoid the process of grinding paste and cleaning of the residue to get jig grinding platform.

Input Power: 220VAC 50/60Hz


Fuse Type: 220VAC 1000mA