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polish machineMODEL NO. :  碼瑙光纖研磨機系列

Rugged construction can ensure the accuracy of the machines and increase the useful life and anti-vibration pad is adjustable to certain height.
Unique design for electrical, air and water were separated inside of cabinet, to secure safety during operation. For maintenance, the polish machines have designed the module type of electrical control then it can be easy to change new one.


Applied to FC, SC, ST, LC, MU, E2000, MTRJ, MPO and SMA fiber polishing. High volume production applications, up to 16 connectors or 24 ferrules can be polished simultaneously. Angled convex polish (APC) and Ultra PC polish (UPC) are available and low back reflection.



All series polishing machines can polish the pre-assemblies connectors, ferrule types and MT ferrules, and a maximum at
one time polishing 24 ferrules. Besides, the user during operation can easily enter or modify the polishing parameters to achieve the desired polishing quality.
Although many factors will affect the polishing quality, polishing machine manufacturer must reduce these impacts.
In general, the amount of fibers in the polishing process and the hardness of the rubber pad and the pressure applied will affect the rotating speed of the polishing, if the rotating speed is unsteady, it makes the polishing process becomes more complex, so, Agate's polishing machine with a fixed speed motor eliminate the factors that affect polishing quality.
Polishing machine is a combination of many mechanical parts, how sophisticated assembly of these parts to achieve vertical and horizontal accuracy of the polishing process, but also necessary and then with precision polishing jigs, this combination is an important factor in eliminating the effects of polishing quality.
Agate company completely self-made mechanical parts and jigs allows the user to obtain the required polishing results Automatic pure water device allows the user to reduce the use of slurry during the polishing process, in addition to the cost of reducing slurry consumption to improve the user product competitiveness in the market of optical fiber, about the evict, according to users' needs to open or close and flow control device also provide water flow, thus, the polishing process more convenient and smooth. Have such a comfortable design is that the fiber polishing, we have accumulated a wealth of experience and ability to continue to improve, but also by our continuous efforts so that users can easily enjoy the results .

AGATE CODE TECHNOLOGY CORP. is an experienced Polishing Machines manufacturer in Taiwan. Thanks to our innovative engineering team, we have successfully developed numerous efficient, quality machinery that able us to compete head to head with industry leaders like Domaille, Seiko Gikan and the likes. Topped with our marketing efforts it has brought Agate in as an important global player in the Fiber polishing equipment arena. We appreciate all of our customers' support, and will do our utmost to continue to develop better products to better serve our customers.