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Fusion SplicerMODEL NO. :  AFS-2000A


Application of optical fiber

SM(Single mode), MM (Multimode), DS(Dispersion shifted fiber), NZDS(Non zero dispersion shift, G655 fiber

Image Processing

Digital Processing

Cladding outside diameter


Coated optical fiber diameter


Optical fiber cutting length

8-16mm,coated optical fiber diameter250um;16mm(Standard) Or 8-16mmOptional,Coated optical fiber diameter 250-1000um

Average splicing loss

0.02dB(Single mode), 0.01dB(Multimode), 0.04 dBDS)、0.04 dBNZDS

Weld time

9 secondsStandard SM

Return loss

60 dB

Welding procedure

53 groups factory presets, 40 groups user settings.

Loss Estimation


Splice loss storage

5000 groups newest connection results, each with 20 parameters

Optical magnification

The X and Y axes independent display, magnification of 300 times; Or the X/Y axis shows at the same time, magnification of 150 times.


High performance high 5.7 inches color LCD display, Display the contents can be reversed, convenient bidirectional operation.

Heating mode

9 groups factory presets, 24 groups user settings, heater temperature can be set

Typical heating time

30 Seconds(standard)

Tension test



USB, VGA and net port

Battery capacity

About 160 times and the subsequent heating(Power saving mode)

Electrode life

2500 times

Heating tube

60mm,40mm and a series of miniature casing

Work environment

0-5000m(Altitude), 0-95(Humidity)-10-50(Temperature)

Power Supply

AC Adapter input voltage 100-240 50/60Hz,  Output Voltage: DC13.5V/5A;Built-in 8000mAh Lithium battery




3.2Kg(Including battery)

BL-3000 Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer


 Product name: BL-3000 Optical fiber fusion splicer

Product type: Optical fiber fusion splicer

Product Introduction:

Pure digital optical fiber fusion splicer

The X and Y axes independent display, Or X/Y axes display at the same time.

Optical magnification, core visible.

A variety of core mode: Core alignment Envelope alignment Manual alignment

9 seconds weld time, heating time of 30 seconds.

High performance, high brightness 5.7 inches colorful LCD screen, provide clear digital image display.

Provide USB port, VGA port and Ethernet port.

Provides abundant operation interface, Menu designed humanization, intelligent.

Deep concave type shield, Can continually working in the 15m/S strong wind.

5000 meters above sea level, ensure the connecting quality in plateau area.