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HT-310MODEL NO. :  HT-310

˙30 ports connector oven and two
     heat plates for ferrules
˙Automatic thermo controller.         
˙Automatic push out heat plate.           

Special designed for curing epoxy of fiber ferrule & connectors.
30 connectors can be placed for heating at the same time.
Suitable to different type of connectors, change the heating block to save cost.
Two set of ferrule heating plates are supplied to control and operate independently.
Ferrule heating plates can be supplied subject to demand of specific outer jacket and varied type of connectors.
Individual heating timing control, the alarm will remind operator when heating is done,the auto pusher will secure heating quality.


Machine size 320W x 370L x 220H mm
Net weight 12 KG
Power AC 110 / 220V , 50/60 Hz , 600W
Consumption air 5 kgf/c㎡
Heating temperatu 199 ℃ (Max.)
Time setting 99 Min. 59 Sec. (Max.)
Connetor heat blo 30 Position , Connector Type Available .
Ferrule heat Plate 2 Sets.
Carton Dimension 56W x 38L x 56H cm


HT-310-1 Power : 110 V
HT-310-2 Power : 220 V
HT-310-SC Standard Block , For FC / SC / ST Connectors
HT-310-LC Heating Block , For LC Connectors
HT-310-250 Heating Plate , For φ2.5 mm ferrule
HT-310-125 Heating Plate , For φ1.25 mm ferrule
HT-310-MTRJ Heating Plate , For MTRJ ferrule