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Visual Fault Locator Principle

Author:ACT From:ACT Hits:2460 Date:2013/2/15 下午 03:27:23


Wire and cable fault location equipment has rised due to the cable applications, with the progress and growth and development of electronic technology, after a century of changes, the key still but looks Nisshin. Because of few cable systems failure, positioning experience accumulate very slow. With the application of automation, technology, the instrument makes substantial progress. Power Cable Fault Locator is utilized to get this done work. There are four steps of cable fault location process.
(1)Cable Fault Type Judgment
Should first serious take a look at the failure of cable throughout, fully understand the faulty cable, and detailed records, which assists find fault faster. Positioning method and kind of cable fault. Judgment cable fault type may be used to measure the insulation resistance or DC voltage test. Shaking table or digital megger relative measurement fault cable and white, and metal outer sheath-ground insulation resistance value. Point of failure the measured price of the insulation resistance measuring voltage, the state of the planet, sometimes values ??vary greatly. At different voltages, to see the changes as time passes, the insulation resistance with the fault point, with the characteristics with the cable and laying path, to be able to interpret a lot of information, for instance, the type of failure as well as the possible positions.
(2)Fault Pretargeting
Bridge method and wave reflection way of the the pretargeting two main means. The proportion of resistance on the point of failure on sides of the cable core resistance and instrument constitutes the Murray Bridge, is a traditional classic cable fault location. Positioning the bridge equipment low price, simple operation, and had widespread use. Traditional positioning with the bridge, the rated output voltage only 500V, not able to locate high impedance fault. The big number of applications, cross-linked polyethylene cable breakdown is difficult to form the conductive zone breakdown point resistance is high, or even be able to withstand the high voltage was flashover type breakdown. Using the positioning with the rise in popularity of wave reflection method, the technique of using the bridge gradually reduce, mysterious for the new cable users.
The precise positioning prior to the reason for failure, you must know the career and direction with the underground cable, the appropriate information is often inaccurate, not. Having a dedicated path analyzer measured to obtain the position and direction from the underground cable. Path analyzer uses the audio induction approach to look at the cable path. The audio generator towards the the measured cable input audio signal current on the headend, the receiver is received on the floor fault cable generates a magnetic signal to its path and depth measurement.
(4)Accurately Fixed
Depending about the kind of fault, there are different methods and instruments for pinpointing. Cable Fault Locator can be a necessity. Fault Location in Power Cable was created to locate cable faults, pinpointing the fault location, route tracing, cable identification, voltage withstand test and cable information management. It can locate all sorts of cable faults for those voltage level cables, including open circuit, short circuit, low insulation, high insulation and flashover faults, etc. Most power cables were buried underground, invisible, and out of reach, with modern new power cable fault testing equipment, it can discover the fault point quickly, solve problems
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