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XFP 10G Transceiver

Author:ACT From:ACT Hits:2639 Date:2013/2/15 下午 03:21:00


Fiber optic, even though construction of the world’s long-distance network and the backbone network is slowed up, but with the growing interest in network capacity, the making of the metro and access network full swing scene. The same optical transceivers such devices has additionally been vigorously the introduction of its type and complexity are increasing with an alarming rate.
Now,which fiber transceiver popular in fiber optic products.For example,Fiberstore XFP (10 Gigabit Small Form Factor Pluggable) is really a hot-swappable optical transceiver, in addition to the communication protocol, XFP typically size is 850nm, 1310nm or 1550nm for of 10G bps SONET / SDH, Fibre Channel, GigabitEthernet, including DWDM links. XFP contains similar SFF figures diagnosis module, but extended use a robust management tools.
XFP optical transceiver chipset could be connected to 10 Gbps (gigabit per second) port XFP optical transceivers are protocol-independent (PROTOCOL AGNOSTIC) chipset, its power consumption as compared to a parallel interface, multi-protocol (MSA)transceiver third. In addition, it includes a “hot swap” performance, meaning prior to installation, the device does not shut off the ability. For rapid growth XFP optical transceiver market, ADI’s XFP chipset via to reduce transceiver module send and receive interfaces jitter requirements, and may increase the supporting reference products available to simplify the interoperability issues.
Signal Conditioning: XFP package dual signal conditioner for re-timing signals to deliver and receive channels module. This dual signal conditioner has unmatched low jitter performance, jitter within the OC-192 (Optical Carrier 192) 6 MUI rms (RMS), OC-192 jitter at 10 MHZ permissible error of 0.6 UI PP and jitter transfer bandwidth of two.0 MHZ, most of these indicators are beyond the the XFP technical specification requirements.
XFP chipset contains the next modules: transimpedance amplifier (TIA): receive channels, ADN2821 is really a 3.3 V single power, the entire cumulative noise of just 1.1 MA, allowing using standard TO-46 metal can package implementation -19 DBM receiver sensitivity. These devices supports PIN diodes, power consumption to merely 150 lMW and possesses an assistance XMD standard embedded optical receiver (ROSA) reference design. Laser driver: two laser drive support distributed feedback (DFB) laser, Fabry – Perot (FP) lasers and vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL).
For other XENPAK, XPAK, and X2 type 10G optical transceiver module, display most XFP optical module, compared with one other MSA is easily the most compact shape, XFP, allegedly even the most inexpensive cost. Features a advantage, XFP continues to be following XPAK or X2, a new generation of products, motivate manufacturers to review XFP, even when still needs one more chip to 10-Gbit / s speed into 3.125 -Gbit / s.
At Fiberstore, we offer the Cisco 10G XFP includes XFP-10G-MM-SR,XFP-10GLR-OC192SR,Cisco XFP-10GER-OC192IR,XFP-10GZR-OC192LR,XFP-10GZR-120 etc.All of our XFP transceivers are 100% appropriate for famous labels like Cisco, HP, Juniper XFP, Nortel, Force10, D-link, 3Com, and backed with a lifetime warranty. Buy with certainty. We are able to customize optical transceivers to match your specific requirements.Do you know more XFP transceivers info? If you interesting in Fiber Optic Transceiver, thank you for visiting research in fiberstore.