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HU-125 Test Result

Author:ACT From:ACT Hits:1669 Date:2014/6/12 下午 04:07:46


HU125  Bare Fiber Alignment

Perform your optical measurement without performing costly fiber terminations.  The HU125 saves time and money by allowing a very simple way to connect an exterminated bare fiber or optical components to test equipment.  It reduces testing time since no cleaving or terminating is required!  The key with Bare Fiber Adapters is low insertion loss and a very repeatable connection.  The HU125 sets the standard in BFAs!

The HU125 is simple to use:  Just insert a drop of index matching oil into the unit.  Strip and clean the fiber end and insert it into the unit. (No precision cleave required). The result is a loss of less than 0.3dB and low-reflectance.


*  Simple fast method for connecting to test equipment – reduce test times

*  Very simple to use

*  Low insertion loss and back reflectance allowing testing for various applications

*  Repeatable results

*  No precision cleave is required to perform optical measurements

*  Affordable price


*  Insertion Loss:          < 0.3 dB (Typical)

*  Back Reflectance:           < -50dB

*  Alignment Time:               < 1 second

*  Number of Insertions:     >10,000

*  Operating Temperature:  14° to 122° F   (-10° to +50° C) 

*  Storage Temperature:     -40° to 140° F  (-40° to +60° C) 

*  Weight:                      50 grams (Including with cable)

*  Case Size:                 L. 20cm X W. 20cm X H 4.5cm

*  Fiber Types:                      SM (9/125 um)   or   MM (62.5/125 or 50/125um)

*  Connectors Available:   UFC, AFC, USC, ASC, UST, LC, D4, E2000, and DIN




HU125 Lab Testing Results:



TEST #1. Impact Testing


Three HU125 devices were impact tested by performing repeated insertion.  A fiber was inserted 20 times every minute at an insertion speed of 50.0mm per second.  The insertion loss fiber end was measured once every 10,000 insertions.  The results yielded by all three devices was an insertion loss of less than 0.3dB with over 100,000 insertions each.  The HU125 fiber end was also inspected every 10,000 insertions.  No damage was found on any of the three devices, even after 100,000 inserts each.

This testing is virtually impossible with most competitive devices.  The fiber breaks during the repetitive insertions. 

TEST #2. Stripping Test

In lab testing it was found that the HU125 only requires removing a length of 12mm of fiber coating to be tested no matter whether the outer diameter of the coating is 200mm or 900mm.  Competitive devices may need over 17mm removed before insertion and it is necessary to inject the matching oil in advance; otherwise the optical fiber will be broken easily.  Not true with the HU125!

 TEST #3. Fiber Hold Testing

 In testing it was found that competitive devices “fiber hold” inside the fiber input port can be influenced by the outer diameter size of bare fiber as well as the amount of matching oil.  It was also found that competitive devices can only be positioned in horizontal direction based on the fiber input port.  When positioned upward or downward, the hold was influenced and the insertion loss changed.  In HU125 testing the hold and insertion loss is not influenced by the above factors.

 TEST #4. Stability / Repeatability

Loss and stability testing was performed by repeated insertion using the same fiber 30 times repeatedly.  The HU125 varied slightly with details in the range of 0.03dB.  This would be considered “Very Repeatable”.Competitive devices under identical testing returned results not so repeatable.  Ranges of 0.02 to 1.1dB were returned.  Competitive devices were not very repeatable.