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AMULC312型號:  AMULC312

φ 1.25 mm /APC 散件式研磨盤                

12 芯                    

Special designed for polishing φ 1.25 mm ferrule /APC.
12 ferrules can be placed for polishing at the same time.
Parts are changeable on each ferrule, it is cost effective.
Both left-hand and right-hand handles are provided to suit operation need
The water inlet hole of polish jig comply with the water outlet of polish machine,
it is easy to expel the dirts out during operation.



Suitable style φ 1.25 mm FERRULE /APC
Connector head 12 Position
Polish film size 4 Inch .
Angle 8 °
Weight < 300 g



AMULC312 8 ° , For Cone Ferrule
AMULC312-A A : Customer Made Jig Angle Degree
ex :    APC312-9             Jig Angle 9 °
          APC312-6.5          Jig Angle 6.5 °